High Tech Harmony: Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Consumption

Innovation will continue to rise as we head into the new year with a large focus on technology and the products we use. How these technologies enhance our lives and are incorporated into the everyday will be a vital component of the built environment.

It’s also important to note that while the pandemic has introduced many markets to certain aspects of technology that they may have not utilized them previously, integrating it into a space in a way that is intuitive and appropriate for the end user is an important aspect to introducing innovation to any market. Having an open and understanding mind is the motto to adopt for everyone moving forward.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality continues to pave the way for new forms of specialized experiences and communication. While these forms of technology seem out of reach for some markets, it’s expected that they will be much more mainstream over the next year. Quarantine and social distancing have sped up their introduction into many spaces that may not have utilized them otherwise.

For example, virtual cooking and demonstrations will offer ways of interacting in dining spaces, virtual mixology with introduce an interactive way to enjoy a happy hour. Virtual touring of new homes or apartments allows consumers to view spaces, while education advances provide online learning platforms for all age ranges.

Augmented Reality

We see augmented reality really making an impact currently in fitness and health care. With safety and convenience in mind, AR will allow for health checkups to happen from anywhere with specialized doctors that previously would have been out of reach for some patients. This technology is also creating endless opportunities to integrate fitness into any lifestyle and make it more accessible than ever.

Seniors are also embracing connecting technology like interactive gaming to stay active and social in an otherwise disconnected COVID-19 world. This current emphasis will create a comfort with technology that will continue into the coming years.

Energy Consumption

In addition to health and wellness being a hot topic for 2020, green building has had a big spotlight also, with targets in energy consumption, production and efficiency. This will continue into 2021 as an essential practice for all markets. One of the main shifts we have seen this in regard to interiors is in lighting design.

Designing lighting and controls that respond to daylight, occupancy and function as well as fixtures that have integrated low energy sources are an essential part of designing a space with longevity. More lighting manufacturers are responding to this need by offering lighting that has LED options that simulate the warmer look of incandescent or daylight.


Disruptive Innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products and alliances