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Have you found yourself in a design dilemma?  Has your current design team left you in a bind, or perhaps your project didn’t go as smoothly as planned?  For over 15 years we’ve been offering a discrete search-and-rescue service that includes picking up where other design teams left off.  From property positioning to design, floor plan rework to drawing completion, budget review to engineering value, through furniture procurement and installation, we’ll take the wheel and get you back on course.

Consider these Symptoms of Disconnect

Budget Overrun

Lack of Oversite


Supply Issues

Lack of Experience

Aesthetic Misalignment

Behind Schedule

Team Availability

This isn’t a scope we offer because we love a challenge (although we do) but because we know what’s it like on both sides of this story. We’ve been brought in on countless projects at any point in the process to help pick up the pieces.  We don’t point fingers, we don’t judge, we just get to work so you can find peace of mind.

Private Label Solutions

Your Rescue Team Is Fit For Purpose


Our experienced team has successfully navigated a wide range of design and construction challenges over the years. We bring senior level expertise to your project, ensuring it reaches its full potential.


Regardless of where your project currently stands, we can seamlessly take over and provide a smooth transition. We’re ready to quickly adapt and address any concerns you have.

Tailored Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to address all your project requirements. And more importantly, they can be tailored fit for your unique challenges.


We understand the importance of discretion, especially for sensitive projects. Rest assured, your project details are safe with us.

Success Stories

We have a track record of turning challenging situations into success stories. Our satisfied clients can attest to the difference we’ve made in their projects.


We believe in working closely with our clients and being transparent, ensuring that you trust us to keep your vision and goals at the forefront of every decision we make, and communicating clearly every step of the way.

“In all this, just keep in mind, anyone can make something that looks good, but ultimately the return on your investment is partnering with someone that aligns with your business plan and enriches your bottom line.
- InBusiness Magazine, Christina Johnson | Principal, Private Label

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