Procurement Overview


A Partnership Approach

A successful project is built around the Client goals, the needs of the customers, & the ways in which the guests, residents & employees engage. Private Label has access to all vendors during the selection process & do not have any allegiance to any specific vendor & do not operate from a specific catalog of products. No pressure to meet sales quotas & no motivation to provide anything but the absolute best product(s) for the project. Not limited to a simple chair, a curated piece of art, or a completely custom piece of furniture or millwork.



Order Processing

2-3 Weeks

We wish it was as easy as Amazon Prime, but in the contract furniture industry, this is the time required to review specifications for accuracy, create & execute orders, receive acknowledgments, send deposits & establish timelines for delivery.


16-20 Weeks

Staying on track requires persistent order follow-up from shop drawings & finish samples, to fabrics & site measurements. We push the vendors to follow through on all their promises & send transparent delivery reports with details on expected delivery dates & challenges so there are no surprises at installation.


Your Schedule

We put feet on the ground to make sure every piece of furniture, drapery, artwork & accessory is delivered, assembled & installed according to our drawings & specifications.

This timeline is provided merely as milestones for planning & success. We understand the project schedule & product availability is fluid.  Private Label will always put forth our best effort to meet your project deadlines. For fast turns, ask about our Speed-to-Market Solutions.

Procurement Services


Project Management

From the on-set of every project, we plan, develop, manage, & execute each project according to the construction timeline, storage resources, & availability of products

Cash Flow Projection

A project Cash Flow will be developed according to the project timeline, bank draw schedule, & the funds required to procure each commodity throughout the project.

Procurement Administration

We enter create specifications, issue purchase orders, qualify invoices & make requests for payment according to cash flow, & terms & conditions of the contracts.

Vendor Tracking

We stay on top of things, confirming availability of all products, maintaining a vendor delivery report, & advising of potential schedule conflicts.

Delivery Management

Our team will be on-site to manage all deliveries & coordinate efforts between construction, operations, & FF&E. We’ll see that products are placed according to the plans & that all debris is removed from the site.

Post Occupancy Service

Although we don’t warranty the products we procure for your project, we do provide maintenance documents and customer service & we’ll help coordinate resolution of any post-occupancy issue.

“Private Label has provided a high level of quality services and design across the country, from east coast, southeast, southwest and northwest regions. “
- Mark Kaminski | V.P. Design Services The Wolff Company

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