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Private Label Trend Report


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Empathic design isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a trend, but a mindset. That being said, it heavily affected how we viewed the coming trends and what we want to highlight in our report. WGSN, an international think tank, creates consumer profiles based on their research in world culture and consumer behaviors and the four profiles they introduced recently feel very relevant. For our 2024 Private Label Trend Report, we focus on those consumer profiles. For the full report download here.

New Nihilists

The new nihilists are tired of the state of the world and that has driven them to be non-conformist, authentic and honest. They are looking for joy and happiness through humor and playful sophistication. They like bright and calm colors and are grounded with natural materials, mixed with nods to pop counterculture, history, and hope punk. New Nihilists feel comfortable in large or small groups and can adapt easily in social situations. They like spaces that are flexible with a mix of larger social space and more intimate settings.


The reductionists are striving to reconnect with their physical world. They value kindness, integrity, storytelling, and human interaction. They want materials that are textural, with softer more natural colors like retro blue, terra cottas, cream, and greens. Biophilia and sustainability in their truest forms are important to them, as well as raw and reused materials and antiques. They gravitate to things that are more human scale and are more comfortable in smaller, more intimate settings.


The timekeepers appreciate things of value. They seek enrichment and well crafted luxury. Trends that appeal to them are jewel tones such as cherry lacquer, color drenching, bolder but classic design, integrated technology, and large patterned natural stones. Well-made antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces, especially items handed down through generations, are also of interest. They like spaces that feel flexible and want every square inch to have meaning and purpose.


The pioneers are risk takers that feel comfortable in both the digital and physical worlds. They are mercurial and want to be inspired by things they haven’t seen or experienced before. They want spaces that feel futuristic, with bold colors and patterns, and sleek materials that have a nod to technology. They like integrated and statement lighting and colors like future dusk purple, deep oranges and pinks, and bold black and white. They feel most comfortable in larger spaces with high energy.

The 2024 Edition previewed above is an overview of the four macrotrends, download the full report to read more.


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