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[re]Positioning & Office Conversion

Adaptive Reuse, Let’s Talk About it

While we often talk about trends that we feel confident are making their way into the future of commercial real estate, we would love to say without a doubt, that office conversions is one of them. While it takes an experienced team and a targeted strategy to properly retrofit an asset, there can be many benefits from repositioning properties left vacant from cultural or economic shifts.

Current conditions have left landlords and companies scrambling to figure out what to do with buildings that are either now obsolete or in need of downsizing. And while we hope some of these buildings can be retained for their original use, the ones that can’t be make prime candidates for adaptive reuse projects. Converting office complexes into multifamily, hotels, student housing, mixed use, or live/work properties is a direct response to the supply/demand issue that real estate is currently experiencing.

Asset Review

Diving Deeper Earlier

Team Selection

Strategic Planning

Positioning Goals

Building Infrastructure

Budget Discussions

Floor Plate Analysis

Programming Possibilities

Aesthetic Identity

We are certainly not strangers to repositioning assets, and from a design perspective, we like a good story, of leaving a building better than we found it and affecting the community in a uniquely positive way. Adaptive reuse, when done correctly, gives us an opportunity to stay true to a building’s innate character and that can only enhance the final product.



When project teams and clients align on goals, leveraging collective experience, magic happens. Smart decisions ensure top-notch properties that stand out in the marketplace and resonate with the audience, guaranteeing success.

Private Label Solutions

It’s Not Just Suggested, It’s Essential



Assemble a diverse team for holistic building analysis. Strategize early, align goals with budget. Consider floor plate, amenities, marketing. Explore programming trends, local influence. Analyze competition, aesthetics, integrate existing elements.

Know Your


An acute understanding of your targeted market is key to innovation and anticipating consumer attitudes. It’s not an age, it’s a mindset that inspires people to connect with your brand in which they envision their best selves.



Forecasting trends, minimizing risks, and crafting strategies that resonate with local communities. By blending creativity with financial savvy, we transform client visions into competitive property plans that stand out in the market.



Creating spaces that evoke emotional connections through thoughtful design and meticulous coordination. From schematic concepts to budget reviews, millwork details to consultant communication, ensuring the only surprises we accept are good ones.

Vision to


With extensive knowledge of the project lifecycle, from inception to completion, we advise every step of the way. Committed to consistently exceeding expectations, our design team focuses on delivering every detail impeccably.

“Brilliant execution and asset acquisition. The focus on the right amenity mix matches with all the data we've collected. I find it odd that no other adaptive reuse project has figured this out.
- Douglas Hayden | President CSO, Arthroto Industries

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