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The only thing constant is change, but our outlook is an optimistic one on what the future will bring. Interior design and development trends are moving in a positive direction and we’ve highlighted four key areas that we see being dominant drivers in projects through this year and beyond. Edition 2 is out now. For the full report download here.

Space of Mind

It is critical we understand the way we connect to environments is not just physical its emotional. We see a large focus on health and wellness heading into 2021, but maybe not in the way most would think.  And while the built environment has been giving wellness more of a focus in the past years than ever before, elective offerings are now essential. We reference well building as an overall growing trend, but it acts as a main driver, influencing all aspects of the built environment. And it’s not going away any time soon.

Layered Luxuries

An emotional response to an environment can be driven by many factors, however one very notable way is through general aesthetics. Color, texture and pattern have a distinct, and high impact on consumers. Connecting aesthetics with the end user has profound impact on spatial function and longevity.  In addition to that, the days of designing only for extroverts are long behind us, aesthetics must cater to diverse personalities and cultures, and conform to meet the needs of a broader targeted demographic. Form often follows function, but it is far from an afterthought.

High Tech Harmony

Technology will continue to have a huge impact on design innovation. How these technologies are incorporated into the everyday will be a vital component of the built environment.  It’s also important to note that while the pandemic has introduced many markets to certain aspects of technology that may have not utilized them previously, integrating it into a space in a way that is intuitive and appropriate for the end user is an important aspect to introducing innovation to any market. Having an open and understanding mind is the motto to adopt for everyone moving forward.

Socially Aligned

In direct response to the growing consumer interest in wellness and wellbeing, design will continue to find ways to integrate programming within spaces that promote a well-rounded lifestyle. Office spaces with yoga studios, art studios and meditation spaces will become critical instead of quirky. Increasing the connection between indoor to outdoor and biophilic design will also be considered integral.  Ergonomics and easy integration of physical activity such as adjustable furniture, treadmill desks, flexible office spaces as well as treehouses, gardens, walking tracks and hiking trails will become more frequent in commercial spaces.

2022’s First Edition previewed above is an overview of the four macrotrends, subsequent editions will dive deeper into each one. Stay tuned!


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