After decades of ‘safe’ design schemes, Valley real estate developers are embarking upon a color revolution
Key market research influencing Phoenix development

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (October 16, 2014)- Is a color revolution coming to a Phoenix neighborhood near you? According to annual trend forecasting research performed by Phoenix and San Francisco-based design firm Private Label International the answer is yes. From vibrant murals popping up in urban niches to bold and bright large-scale hotel projects and commercial developments, Private Label says Phoenix real estate is breaking up with beige in a big way.
“The Phoenix market is breaking up with beige, once and for all,” said Wendi Stallings, Principal for Private Label International and author of Private Label’s ‘Break Up with Beige” Trend Report. “Everywhere you look you can see how developers are inspired by invigorating design trends that are enhancing curb appeal and adding value to buildings around the Valley,” she said.
Private Label’s research highlights several key landmarks that showcase the success of the Phoenix Metropolitan area’s movement that are brilliantly juxtaposed to the desert landscape, replacing the cool whites and discreet beiges that have become a shortcut to tastefulness, they feel fearless and exhilarating. Properties reviewed include prime examples of midcentury modern hotels in Phoenix like the Sanctuary Resort and Spa, Valley Ho and The Clarendon Hotel. The report also reviews amazing transformations in single-family apartment communities like the hip and modern Cabanas on Thomas or the ultramodern Bon Vie apartments.
The research suggests that developers implementing more adventurous color and design schemes are catering directly to the next generation of consumers who make key decisions about where to shop, where to live, and where to socialize based on a number of factors that include the aesthetic appeal of a space.
This new breed of savvy consumer appreciate art and design, and consider themselves sophisticated experience-seekers who want to keep their lives interesting and unpredictable, yet wise with their investments. This approach to design cultivates ingenuity while expertly balancing innovation and financial responsibility. To respond to these consumer demands, developers and the design community are using raw and natural materials layered with pops of color to create a look that is both cutting edge, yet approachable and authentic to the desert aesthetics, creating unforgettable experiences that evolve beyond the trends of today to be the icons of tomorrow.
Private Label International doesn’t just report on trends. With their latest market report they have provided developers with a framework for responding to consumer desires that are driving the marketplace in Phoenix.
“For nearly the last decade, Private Label International has worked alongside some of the nation’s top developers to shape communities, cities and towns according the tastes and trends consumers are asking for, and like hip cities like Miami, Seattle and San Francisco, Phoenix is on the brink of a design revolution,” Stallings said.
For more information or to request a copy of Private Label International’s latest Trend Report contact Melissa Rein.
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About Private Label International
Private Label International was founded with a single-minded vision, to bring about the next big revolution in hospitality and real estate design. Part of the vision was to create an unparalleled blend of services, focused on brand development and property positioning. Our approach to design cultivates creativity while expertly balancing functionality and financial responsibility.

We are always searching the world for inspiration and ideas that span every taste and design category to insure unforgettable experiences. Spaces have to be cutting edge, with design that is both elevated and approachable. Private Label’s designs are a balance of forward thinking and sophistication. For each project we employ a different strategy, from utilizing natural elements that range from subtle to standout, shades from vibrant to tonal.

A key differentiator in Private Label’s approach would be our strategic and holistic property-positioning plan, which starts with the client’s vision and aspirations for their project and ends with a detailed plan that helps the client visualize the competitive advantage. This blend of services creates unforgettable experiences that evolve beyond the trends of today to be the icons of tomorrow.

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