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Phoenix’s interior design firm, Private Label International, doesn’t just focus on throw pillows and drapes. This premier boutique firm has been working closely with the top developers in the Valley to create affordable living spaces that appeal to the modern apartment renter. “Commercial interior design is not about designing a space that is functional and looks pretty. Savvy developers now know that multi-family housing should be a lifestyle experience for buyers and renters,” says Private Label principal Wendi Stallings, discussing the firm’s main goal; to create that experience. Private Label is thrilled about the opening of their seventh Cabana Modern Apartment Homes property, appropriately titled “Cabana on Seventh.” For the designing of the space, Private Label scoured the Downtown Phoenix neighborhood on 7th street for inspiration, redesigning the apartments for a sense of local culture and metropolitan appeal. Private Label makes it a point to address all six senses when designing a space, putting thought into the textiles, landscaping, furnishings and even the scent, to exude value and personality that any renter would appreciate. Cabana on Seventh is now open and accepting leasing inquiries.

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