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Bloom 117, Parametric Dome

This amenity was created as a direct challenge issued from the client to have an unforgettable immersive experience that would act as a leasing and marketing tool. It was designed to be a space within a space, that was intimate and enclosed but also had enough openness to allow it to feel connected to the area around it. The goal in addition to leasing and marketing was integration into the clubhouse as a unique amenity, as the primary furniture function is a lounge space, however some locations have programmed it as a conference space for co-working.  It was engineered for ease of construction, with integrated power and lighting, made of steel framing and applewood contour cut blades. Each blade has a different contour to create a movement in the form so it can be discovered and viewed from different angles. The parametric design also feels rooted in nature and was inspired by the symmetrical fractal geometry, or “bloom” pattern found frequently in natural elements and forms an indoor/outdoor connection. The form is made up of 117 blades, 117 being a number that is significant for many reasons. Symbolically 117 represents introspection, idealism, and compassion. It also has a mathematical significance and in many cultures is considered lucky.

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