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Lacquered furniture, lighting and accessories lend a luxurious finish to modern interiors while hinting at a retro glamour.

  • Lacquer is paired with materials such as metal and wood to create visual and textural contrasts
  •  Lacquered surfaces range from matte and rubberized to liquid gloss, offering a wide range of possibilities
  •  Designers revisit time-honored ornamental lacquer techniques and effects
  •  At the other end of the scale, home wares go strictly minimalist with tonal colorways, fine edges, angular shapes and matte lacquers
  •  Lacquer finishes will become more prominent across the interiors market over the next few seasons – as the 1970s continue to influence home wares

Lacquer + Metal

Matte to high-gloss shine lacquers are combined with different types of metals, lending a visual contrast to statement lighting and furniture. Matte black lacquers are paired with shiny copper while glossy white lacquer is matched with burnt gold, creating powerful extremes and luxurious effects.

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Couture LampsPrivate Label Internaonal-Interior Design Trends-kathy_kuo_home_comKathy Kuo Home

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Aha Life

Lacquer + Wood

Flat glossy and matte lacquers are paired with wood textures, creating a tactile contrast. Designs play with proportion: large rustic wood cabinets are accented with thin slivers of glossy lacquer, while stools combine high-gloss lacquered legs with a matte wooden top. Lacquer drives dynamic contrasts, whether in tonal shading or vibrant color.

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Home Edit

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Liquid Gloss

High-shine lacquers give furniture and home accessories an almost liquid sheen. Mirror-shine coatings lend a glossy effect to accessories such as trays and tables, while more thickly applied, painterly, free form lacquer applications appear as though still wet.

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Gallery Fumi

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Minotti S.P.A.

Modern Matte

Matte lacquer surfaces lend a more contemporary aesthetic to furniture and lighting. Pared-down lacquers are entirely matte or take on a slightly rubbery sheen, rendered in black, white or muted pastels. These are combined with natural materials such as wood, glass and metal for a stripped-back look.

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Patricia Urquiola

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