Visconti + Glen

Visconti + Glen

Scottsdale, Arizona

Working with long time development partner ColRich, the Private Label team is reinventing Visconti to stand out in the Scottsdale market and differentiate it from its own competing rental property, Cortesian, directly across the street. From painting all of the buildings and readdressing the main entry to updating a variety of amenity spaces, this multi-phased repositioning will be a slow unveiling of a whole new asset.

The first major sneak peek is the reveal of the renovated 1,750-sq.ft. leasing office. As the first touchpoint for residents, this new space creates a distinct first impression to excite them about the changes ahead. As a leasing office that supports 300+ units, this project needed to address functionality along with the refreshed image. Ample work space was created for the six staff members while providing a comfortable lobby area.

Private Label was inspired by the essence of this contemporary desert structure and used architectural details, raw materials, pops of color and strong graphics to redefine this office. Wall niches accented with vibrant citrus framework designates specific areas in the large open space. In place of framed artwork, bold graphics wrap the walls to energize the space and are complemented by accent walls of plywood. This play with texture and pattern creates a new level of sophistication and infuses the space with a youthful energy. This design strategy has elevated the leasing office experience and will continue to be implemented across this established property giving it a new feel that will solidify its position in the marketplace.


Leasing Office, Completed

New exterior paint scheme, landscaping, clubhouse & fitness center is underdevelopment