Clearwater at Riverpark

Clearwater at Riverpark

Oxnard, California

Clearwater at Riverpark, part of  luxury senior living brand, a property that celebrates the best of home & hospitality.

Established with the conviction that neighborhoods, unique experiences and inspiring places are integral to a life well lived, Clearwater at Riverpark has been designed so savvy consumers can explore the people and places they live organically, with style, sophistication and individuality.   At Clearwater at Riverpark, discriminating tastemakers and world travelers are empowered to experience the heartfelt expressions of residential-style dwelling without having to compromise on location, style, amenities or service.

In this spirit, we’ve tailored a one-of-a-kind experience that conjures up the ideal resort living you’ve always imagined.  Clearwater at Riverpark provides a welcoming oversized suite and a place you’re never alone unless you choose to be.  Clearwater at Riverpark also features a farm to table restaurant, bistro lounge and a luxurious lobby lounge, which brings guests, residents and neighbors together for our signature cocktails, food and more.

Riverpark takes to heart that few things in life are as transformative as the people and places you encounter in your community.  Because when all is said and done, it’s about the experience.

Not a boutique hotel and not a luxury residence, Clearwater at Riverpark offers the best of both.

Client/Developer: The Wolff Company

Current Owner: Clearwater


Aesthetic Brand Standards

Full Interior Design

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