Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay

Chandler, Arizona

Everest Holdings partnered with Private Label to renovate this property in a suburban Chandler market that is an up and coming tech hub. The existing Biscayne Bay community building offered heavy architectural details, multiple enclosed spaces and a palette of dark desert hues. Private Label wanted to help the community convey an image of a fresh, desert oasis that paid homage to it’s coastal inspired name.

Private Label explored modern design solutions that were light and bright and allowed for visual and physical connections to the exterior spaces surrounding the clubhouse. They wanted to help Everest Holdings push the envelope and deliver a property unlike anything else in the area. The Private Label team began by readdressing the floor plan to create a more open and inviting interior. The building needed to support the operational needs of the leasing staff while providing enticing amenity spaces for residents and guests.

By eliminating the heavy arched detailing, the team opened up the space to create a light-filled interior with views of the pool serving as a focal point of the plan. The Private Label team wanted guests to have sightlines of the pool no matter where they were in the building. An oval shape was used to delineate the reception area and serve as the nucleus for planning. Graphics applied to an oval soffit mimic the inset flooring detail and are accented by an ombré graphic on the curved face of the reception desk. Dynamic screen walls create structure to the space while providing visual interest and maintaining connections from one area to the next. A palette of refreshing hues, including watery blues, citron and spring green, transform the once dark interior into a serene oasis.

Unique details add character to each area. From custom graphics applied to surfaces such as the mailbox wall to custom screen walls, glass walls, integrated millwork and an art wall created with safety mirrors; each area offers a point of engagement. Even the existing fireplace was reimagined to provide a more modern, urban appeal. Decorative lighting offers another layer of interest to this carefully considered interior environment, with each fixture serving as a piece of art within the given space. The existing racquetball court was even converted into a state-of-the-art fitness room. The team transformed the windowless space into a subterranean night club, using the low light levels to create drama and accentuating the effect with colored light gels. Repeating lines on every surface provide an edgy atmosphere for a hardcore workout.

The renovation of this community building successfully integrates multiple functions within the 5,750-sq.ft. Efficiencies were created for the leasing staff and clutter was minimized by designing custom millwork for hospitality features such as coffee and cup holders. With the pool as a focal point, multiple amenity spaces provide a place for residents to hang out, relax and exercise. This new space is now exactly what a community building should be – the heart and hub of the property.