The Wolff Company

Falls Church, Virginia


Adaptive Reuse

Skyline Building 3

Skyline’s boundary-breaking concept seeks to repurpose three vacant office buildings within Skyline Center with a combination of “live/work” units, supportive retail and amenities, and an option for a unique age-restricted community.  Up to 720 total live/work units (240 per building), that can be used as offices, residences, or a combination of both at any time.  With ground floor retail opportunities that create a new NoVa destination for our neighbors. Creative amenities that offer a holistic lifestyle for those living and working onsite. Substantial open space improvements that create an activated, energized ground plane for all to enjoy. For audiences seeking an innovative experience that blurs the lines between work, live, and play. A place founded on connection, where likeminded folks live, work, create. Skyline offers a flexidential destination that’s fun and engaging yet has all the head space you desire. A place where you are free to be.

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