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There are certain standards by which an address in South Scottsdale is judged. Such as pool time and the scenery that goes with it, the quality of architecture and design, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to enjoy the desert landscape and air, ideally with cocktail in hand. By all accounts, Palladium at Civic Center has you more than covered. It is a destination, where timeless architecture and an iconic poolside juxtapose with desert palms and modern design. Whether you come to Scottsdale for the sun, the culture, the style, there’s a place to lay your head while soaking it all up.

Perhaps it’s the collision of classic rich texture with new modern color and lines, perhaps it’s the lush open spaces cradled between ancient mountains and the desert ecosystem, but the Palladium feels like a place that transcends trend and time. The interior spaces are a fusion of rich color, vintage and iconic finds and authentic materials while each space is an epicenter of energy.
The Palladium appeals to a generation of consumers that are sophisticated experience-seekers who like to keep their lives interesting and unpredictable. They want to live somewhere that reflects their identity, their passions, and the way they work, live and play. Our approach to the re-positioning of the property is to focus on the major touch points of their experience; from the main entry and leasing, to the amenities, transition spaces, and units, each space holds importance to the experience that will define and reinforce their personal identity.
Our positioning process is an extensive thesis that covers trends in the international marketplace and how those trends infuse themselves into our local landscape and what that means to the demographic at the Palladium at Civic Center and the culture of Scottsdale over time.

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