Today’s Vocabulary List – Private Label Vernacular

Studio Affect
[stoo-de-oh uh-fect]

the act of going back to ones roots of creativity and innovation without the physical or emotional constraints of traditional business practices; fueling a new way of thinking by utilizing all forms of creative inspiration
American Dream
[uh-mer-i-kan dree-m]

the innate belief that the future holds limitless possibilities; currently a controversial concept as many Americans believe the American Dream is quickly becoming endangered

Brand Clarity
[brand klaré tee]

the condition of a brand that is logical, sharply defined, and acutely perceived in the marketplace which insures “stickiness” and aids to a “word of mouth epidemic”

Birds of a Feather
[burds uhv uh feth-er]

in relation to the “Studio Effect” like minded individuals (birds of a feather) flock together to form mutually beneficial relationships

Word of Mouth Epidemic
[wurd uhv mowth ep-i-dem-ik]

the act of a brand identity being spread throughout the marketplace by individuals sharing information socially as opposed to through paid advertising ie. “The British are coming!”

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