The Art and Science of Visual Merchandising:

In the market where buyers are now controlling the demand-supply chain, it has become an exercise for sellers to entice the audience via the art and science of Visual Merchandising and retail designing.

It is the science and psychology of the retail and fashion world. VM involves the techniques to draw shoppers into a store and keep them there. It includes understanding buying habits and affects what you see – and how you see it.

The main issue is to make the merchandise extremely attractive, exciting and enticing, stimulating the buyer’s appetite and finally resulting in the decision to buy.  Effective visual merchandising can directly affect the bottom line of any retailer by: 

  1. Maximizing walk-ins
  2. Increasing sale conversion
  3. Increasing average customer billing amount
  4. Insuring higher recall value in the mind of the consumer and hence creating a loyal and ever expanding base of customers
Display merchandise as a piece of art.
Innovative headdresses for mannequins is a form of visual merchandising that is unique, directly off the runway, and artistic.
Reuse the same material in serveral ways – relate objects to your “Who”.
In this series books are used in a variety of ways.

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