Trend Report: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015: Southwestern United States

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Pantone Names ‘Marsala’ the 2015 Color of the Year

Rich, reddish brown the perfect compliment to the stylish Southwest

Top Arizona Design Experts give tips to incorporating the soon-to-be hot new color into your life, home and wardrobe

PHOENIX, Ariz. (December 4, 2014) ‘Marsala’, Patone’s Color of the Year for 2015 is no surprise to the Southwestern United States. This warm reddish brown, red rock color has been an indigenous part of our surroundings for as long as the sun has set. Every time Pantone releases its new Color of the Year consumers look for ideas and inspiration to incorporate the new color into their life. Phoenix and San Francisco-based design firm Private Label International has comprised some tips for incorporating this exciting new color into your life, home and wardrobe.

“Marsala is a luxurious reddish-brown shade that’s not quite

as bright as Adobe clay but not as deep as brick,” said Wendi Stallings, Principal Designer for Private Label International. “Following in the path of this yea

r’s Radiant Orchid and 2013’s Emerald Green, the 2015 hue has already been spotted on the Spring runways of fashion designers like Dries Van Noten, Lous Vuitton and The Row,” she said.

Because so much of the world of design is influenced by fashion trends, Stallings expects to see ‘Marsala’ colored accent pieces popping up everywhere. Curious about how to incorporate the trendy new color into your style scheme? Private Label International has tips on how to best experiment with this rich new shade:

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To integrate Marsala in your space and still keep it fresh and modern:

“Marsala a versatile hue, it is a great background color to any palette, where popping it with color or creating a monochrome palette with skin tone neutrals. Marsala is the great accent in leather, fur, metal or wood stain, in the fashion or in a space. Try adding a textural textile element with a fur throw or pillow,” Stallings said.

Tips for incorporating Marsala into a space:

“Marsala can lead your over ally palate or it can be a great accent. For the home, focus on using Marsala in your selections of leathers, fur accents, metals or even in accent paint or wood stains. It is almost a neutral in its own right so even pairing it with black, white, ivory and metallics is fashion-forward and luxurious looking,” she said.

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How you might transition Marsala with anything you own that is Radiant Orchid:

“Marsala actually pairs beautifully with Radiant Orchid and previous year’s Pantone colors, again just think of it as a ‘new’ neutral and treat it like you would black or white,” Stallings said.

How Marsala might paired with other fashionable hues:

Marsala is a naturally born color, which pairs with saturated colors from Jewel tones, sunsets and blue skies to fall leaves. Keeping in mind that the hue looks best in rich textures or fabrics like fur, suede, knit and leather, use the Marsala as your base color and pair other rich fabrics like silk, chiffon and jacquard with it. For example, a Marsala colored leather pant would look on trend with a Radiant Orchid silk top. Or a Marsala-colored faux fur jacket would look extra chic over a solid Radiant Orchid dress,” she said.

How you might style ‘Marsala’ in a bold and trendy way:

“Color mixing is definitely the boldest way to style this color. Pair with bright clear, clean colors like: turquoise, Periwinkle, Emerald, Radiant Orchid, Tangerine, Honeysuckle, and Mimosa, which are all Pantone colors in years past,” Stallings recommends.

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How you might you style ‘Marsala’ in an elegant and conservative way:

“Because ‘Marsala’ is a neutral hue it is inherently more conservative than, last year’s Radiant Orchid, thus grounding the brighter hues when paired. If you’re just experimenting with the color keep it neutral, or another fresh but still conservative idea would be to style Marsala with colors in its same color family like beiges, blush pinks, cream and maroon,” Stallings advises.

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Earlier this year Private Label International released its Trend Report for the Phoenix Area that described the inherent shift away from beige in commercial and residential development and Marsala’s addition to the mainstream color palate illustrates that this departure is happening on a macro level.

“Phoenix Metropolitan area’s movement that are brilliantly juxtaposed to the desert landscape, replacing the cool whites and discreet beiges that have become a shortcut to tastefulness, they feel fearless and exhilarating,” Stallings said.

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