Helton Brewing Company

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Helton Brewing Company

 Private Label International-Brian Helton


Helton Brewing Company is a brewpub in Phoenix, AZ. The brewpub will offer a unique experience of pairing our beers with a constantly changing selection of artisanal cheese, charcuterie, and specialized condiments. The bar will have a dynamic array of wines and spirits that can be added to the tasting plate. The guest will be able to order their own selections from meats, cheeses and condiments from the chalk board wall, making every experience a culinary adventure.

The Helton Brewing Company will be a place that all types of foodies, restaurateurs, sommeliers, chefs, brewers and beer enthusiasts will want to go after work or on their day off to enjoy a pint and work on their palate. With such a playful environment and relaxed atmosphere the brewpub will be a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family.

The brewer of Helton Brewing Company is a certified Cicerone and has spent many years developing menus for brewer’s dinners and has an extensive knowledge of how beer and food pair together. People have different thresholds to different tastes from saltiness to butteriness to bitterness which impacts the beer and cheese pairing. Some beers offer layers of flavor and nuances that defy the notion of what most people have in mind as beer. The level of hoppiness, fermentation flavors, alcohol, body, and aging of the beer lead to multi-dimensional taste. The hops in beer parallels the acidity in wine and the carbonation offers a textural component to the tasting and helps cut the fat from the palate. Cheesemakers and brewers both come out of the background of centuries in fermentation science. Both rely on the principles of preserving food for later enjoyment. The charcuterie and condiments allow the guest to play with flavors and see how sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness changes the flavors of the beer. The Helton Brewing Company will educate our guests on how their palate reacts to our pairings and bring extra excitement in a unique dining experience.

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