Consumer Forecast – Fall Fashion Week 2017

Fall Fashion Week 2017 wrapped up in September giving us a glimpse of what to expect in Spring 2018. Here are some of the top 2017 and 2018 fashion trends translating to impactful interiors…even a 2010 style that is keeping interiors on trend years later.

Line Art – Transparency

Line is a basic design element that combined with transparency creates depth and texture, whether on the human form or a wall. This element creates impact and captures attention. A simple way to play with the eye and space.

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Black and White with Bold Color – Fragmented Forms

Contrast or a pop of bold color is a sure way to grab attention and fragmented forms add interest and intrigue. From fashion to interiors, this is how you make a statement. Focal points are important, this trend is just one way to create impact.

fashion trends, interiorsMillennial Pink aka Blush

When a specific color gains popularity, it doesn’t mean paint the town with it. Sometimes a simple pop of the color on an accent item such as a pillow is a subtle way to demonstrate your relevancy. Whether going bold with pink or making it an added touch, consciously or subconsciously consumers will know your development is cutting edge.

fashion trends, interiorsPop Art Homage Verbiage and Graphics

Who is your audience? People appreciate art as a form of expression and the comic book culture is varied and widespread. Interiors can use Pop Art and graphics to form a connection with a target demographic and create a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.


fashion trends, interiorsAll things Blue, Warm Metals, Bold Color Details

Here is an example of a 2010 fashion trend having longevity. What was seen on the runway in 2010 has been making its way to interiors. Warm metals have been taking over or complementing cool tones for several years and now Sailor Blue is topping the 2018 Pantone color trends, interiors

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